Joseph FLINIAUX 1905

Fernand FLINIAUX 1918

Roland FLINIAUX 1938

Nadège RICHARD FLINIAUX depuis 1997

Hundred Year of History

Owner of a beautiful vineyard in the locality Rocherets near Epernay, Joseph Fliniaux began to produce champagne in 1905 from his premises at number 3 Saint Victore Street. He cultivated his vineyard to the method of time, "En foule" and sold some thousand bottles a year.

After his disappearance, during the first world war, his son Fernand (1892-1954) recreated a small champagne business in 1918 in the street des poilus (becoming street Jules Blondeau) in A-Champagne.

He sold 30.000 bottles a year, prior the second word war. A bombardement of the town of A in 1944 reduced the cellars to nothingnes and stocks of Fernand Fliniaux, which discouraged the trading of their business.

His son Roland Fliniaux (1912-1998) was introduced very early to champagne making. When he returned from Germany in 1941, he gave to the champagne house that he had created in 1938 a dimension which his father had dreamed before.

The family history continued in 1941 when Roland Fliniaux had a daughter Nadège RICHARD FLINIAUX who was introduced from the age of 14 to the family business.

As well as working in the Roland Fliniaux company, in 1961, Nadège RICHARD FLINIAUX began another champagne house with her husband in A-champagne under the brand of champagne J.J. RICHARD & Fils. She was named General Manager in 1965 of the Roland Fliniaux Company and at the begining of the 1970's, she saw sales increasing sending all over the word more than 120.000 bottles a year.

Since January 1997, installed in the former of her grand father Fernand Fliniaux, she built on to her family heritance a company with the cooperation of her husband Jean Jacques and her two sons Franck and James.

In memory of her forefathers, the familly RICHARD FLINIAUX continues this day to elaborate there champagne from there vineyards of A-Champagne GRAND-CRU in the purest ancestral tradition.